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Let Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration LLC help you with your Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration Issues

 Habitat Damage Assessment and Restoration Planning

Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration , LLC,  prepared a draft expert report entitled “Ecological Resource Assessment and Recommended Restoration Plan” which included the following elements:Parlin

·   Information and data presentations to analyze and discuss with the agencies pertinent contaminant issues and remedial measures

·  Development of historic wetlands footprint for baseline analysis.

·         Planning and  ecological design of restoration of approximately 250 acres of tidal saltwater wetlands

·         Helped develop damage assessment and restoration plan (DARP) to assess resource losses of palustrine and estuarine habitats.

·         Develop Full Remediation and Restoration Plan including engineering and construction costs.

SER Developed data for justifying economic losses for NRD claims 

SER Helps Organize Second GulfSaver Bags Deployment at Pass a Loutre (see SER Facebook Page or LinkedIn for Videos and Pics)

Emergy Analysis of Two Watersheds for Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

In this project we have applied Emergy accounting procedures, along with other land use characteristics (from Lehrter 2003), to develop the landscape development intensity in the Dog River watershed located in Mobile County and the Fish River watershed located in Baldwin County.  In addition, we have evaluated several wetland habitats in each of these watersheds, using Emergy procedures and have developed emDollar values for each habitat analyzed.  It should be noted that the objectives of this project were to evaluate the methodology, in terms of practicality and utility for future planning purposes.  It was not meant to be an exhaustive evaluation of Emergy use in the watershed but to evaluate its overall utility to the MBNEP.