SER scientists provide a diverse range of assessment services including EMERGY analysis; surface water quality modeling (aquatic & marine); benthic macroinvertebrate analysis (aquatic & marine) ; wetland & SAV assessment and analysis; and oyster resource surveys.

Ecosystem Modeling

  • Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration, LLC. employs nationally recognized scientists and experts on coastal and estuarine ecology, habitat assessment and sediment and water quality,  particularly regarding the  biological impacts of contaminant discharges to ecosystems.
  • SER has extensive experience in water quality and ecological modeling and can provide predictive analyses for various stressors in the environment including toxicants, nutrients (eutrophication) or physical impacts. This modeling experience includes not only algal components but higher trophic categories such as macroinvertebrates and fish communities. We have calibrated and used numerous water quality and ecological quality models such as CE- QUAL series, applications of USGS empirical models QMLE and MVUE procedures, as well as various EPA models such as WASP, HSPF, and AQUATOX . SER scientists have also had experience with various models for answering pollutant transport questions in coastal areas such as the RMA/SMS series of models.  SER scientists have recently applied these models to the following systems:
    • Mississippi River (RMA2/RMA4)
    • Mobile Bay Alabama and local watershed (HSPF)
    • Cahaba River (QMLE, CE-QUAL2-RIV, AQUATOX)
    • Evers Reservoir, Florida (MVUE, AQUATOX)