Field Reconnaisance

SER’s highlighted experience with Landscape Development Intensity (LDI) work for the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program exemplifies its local knowledge of wetlands, along with nutrient loading, and urban and agricultural issues in the Mobile Bay Watershed.  SER scientists’ broad experience with projects such as the Franklin County, FL watershed planning map development, include a variety of topics from nutrient impacts to seagrasses, nutrient loading concerns related to landscape level development, and impacts from these developments to local water quality, including shellfish beds. SER scientists’ expertise with watersheds affected by numerous impacts from various stressors and varied human use issues, spans several decades.

SER is also experienced in living shoreline designs, construction, and monitoring. Living shorelines provide alternative, eco-friendly solutions to reduce the rate of shoreline erosion. Living shorelines create critical habitat for shellfish, juvenile fishes, and create an optimal environment for bird watching.